Xfce4 panel does not appear after restart

Lately my xfce4-panel does not appear after restart.
An additional “startup” with /bin/sh -c 'sleep 5; /usr/bin/xfce4-panel -r &' fixes the issue, since the xfce4-panel-workaround seems to destroy the gtk2 settings (stylesheets) for qt5 apps.

Running compiz (instead of xfwm4) might be the culprit (haven’t tested it without compiz), but the panel worked until the last update.

Any thoughts about this behaviour?

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Its possible its compiz related. Compiz is now in the AUR and it looks like its last update to the code base was 2 years ago.
To make a seamless fix, you might want to make a script with that line and add an autostart to start it during startup.

Are there alternatives for Compiz that are up to date?

There are a couple of up-to-date Manjaro releases with compiz pre-installed here on the forums.
Have a look here:

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Well, my laptop has Arch Linux with Compiz from AUR and XFCE, no problems with the panel. So I’d rather think that the Nvidia GPU might be responsible, since the laptop has only an Intel GPU.

Yes, that is what I’m doing. Question is, why isn’t it necessary on my compiz/xfce laptop with arch linux (not manjaro). Hence the question in this forum…