Xfce4-panel crashing on guake open/close

Hi guys,

after a while my xfce4-panel crashes pretty reproducible every time I open and close guake terminal in front of a Java (Swing) window. Then it redraws/reloads but when I smash the hotkey for guake it’ll completely crash eventually.

My main workstation is a up to date stable-branch Manjaro on the LTS Kernel 6.1.31-2 running in a Virtualbox VM on a beefy machine. But I can reproduce the error on my laptop too, there it isn’t virtualized. Both have completely different HW. Laptop Manjaro install is 5+ years old and slightly borked. Workstation was wiped 1-2 days ago and customized/configured with a light touch.

Java app is usually a heavy IDEA IDE (IntelliJ/RubyMine). A wild assortment of containerized DBs etc. running in background.

Guake runs fish and starship.rs, F1 hotkey (checked Xfce hotkeys and it doesnt overlap).

Xfce v4.18

tail -f ~/xsession* keeps taunting me with its silence. Package ttf-droid installed (was a suggestion on many old threads I found).

Any suggestions, tips? Thanks for your time.

This is also my configuration - Xfce4, Guake and Idea IDE - and I have never experienced a similar problem.
I have quite a few containers running too, so the only differences I see are in the shell (I use bash).
And actually one more difference - I don’t have the system virtualised…