Xfce workspace switcher colors

Hello, I have tried several solutions to coloring the panel workspace indicator to no avail.
I want to know if anyone has the snippet to change the underline color for the selected workspace and whether I should put it in my GTK4 or GTK3 config.

That same highlight color seems to affect other tabs in the system such as the file manager and Terminator’s (Terminal emulator) tabs.

Workspace switcher colours for selected and hover states (Appearance: miniature view).

  wnck-pager:selected {
    background-color: lightblue; }
  wnck-pager:hover {
    background-color: gray; }
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Thank you for your reply, this only works for miniature view. I want to change the highlight color of the tab selectorin the buttons. Like I mentioned this color is also visible in application tabs elsewhere.