XFCE Window manager, remember size?

Is there a way in XFCE to either change the default size of window or to remember the size its been set to? I see some applications can do this, but not the one I use a lot.

I have ‘Dolphin’ set as the default file manager and can’t find a way to get it to open with my preferred window size. I’ve looked at the Settings Editor - xfwm4 options, and window size isn’t a property.

Anyway to achieve this?

Dolphin can remember the window state if is set like that in Preferences (Configure Dolphin)


xfwm4 uses Smart Placement (QA #2 and #3). You can adjust smart placement settings in Settings Manager > Window Manager Tweaks > Placement but it cannot be disabled. If you need more precise placement, you need to use tools like wmctrl or devilspie

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Thank you, I have that setting enabled, it restores tabs, but for me still starts up with a smaller window than when closed. Seems like a default windows size, regardless of what it was.

The ‘Placement’ tweak doesn’t seem to work for me either.

The two tools you mention are interesting, so I’ll take a look them.

Many thanks.