XFCE WiFi icon tray is not showing on the taskbar

Hello, everybody

My XFCE is gonna taking a little problem

The LAN / WiFi icon tray is not working, is not showing on the taskbar

Image of my desktop: prnt.sc/21qv2rq

(Note in the image that the icon does not appear on the taskbar)

How can I turn on this icon, to change the network when I want, again?

Thanks for appreciate (and my poor english too)

Right click on panel-choose panel preferences-items- on left towards bottom, left side, choose add
Status Tray Plugin

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I had a similar experience a few days ago
when the icon wasn’t present while there where no known WLAN’s in the area
and I needed to connect to a new (previously unknown) one.

What did the “trick” for me was:
opening a terminal and issuing:
systemctl restart NetworkManager

… the icon came back - and let me choose the network I wanted …

a bit weird, but this was the first and only time this happened - so far


I already tried this, my Status Tray plugin is already added and working

The WiFi icon is not present yet

Check my status tray plugin at: prnt.sc/21r7jlw

Nothing works yet


This solution does not works with me, I tried this right not and nothing works

Have you rebooted the system?

I have no idea why that would suddenly just disappear … for no reason at all …

what you could try is to add it (back) - it may work like this
LANG=C xfce4-settings-manager
(the “LANG=C” is so that you see what I see … - all with the same names and in english …)

go to “Session and Startup”

in the second tab (Application Autostart)
there should be: Network (Manage your network connections)

if it isn’t - add it to the panel again

The app is called:
Network Manager Applet - or very similar

and then there is the possibility to connect using a terminal and nmcli - until you figure out how to get the applet back
which disappeared for no apparent reason … apparently …

if that fails:
just pretend this icon and applet was never there
and proceed to add it to the panel
like you would for any other applet that is available but not in the Manjaro default configuration

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In Panel Preferences- Items-Status Tray Plugin- Properties(Hamburger Menu to the right of "remove’)
under SysTray Icons, is Network Manager Applet hidden?

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Yeah, many times

God damnit man

Do you believe the package “network-manager-applet” was not installed?

Just installed it and the icon appeared Hahahaha

Thanks a lot

It occurs because I was using Manjaro GNOME, but my GNOME has crashed so I migrated to XFCE

When I was installed XFCE some packages was missed

Anyway, thanks a lot! :raised_hands:

No, I was not hidden, I was not already installed Hahaha

Thanks anyway for appreciate :raised_hands:

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