XFCE vs KDE on minimalism

Hello everyone
I am about to install Manjaro right after this topic gets answered.

Firstly, I couldn’t find the newbie section, so sorry for posting here.
While I was looking for Manjaro XFCE vs KDE Comparison, most of the pages have been unfortunately lost on the forum, while the other sites had very old version comparisons

I have a 6-GB RAM, 2nd gen Intel i3 processor and would be working on Backend Development, Computer Vision and general programming mostly. I want background processes to be as minimal as possible but I want to have a customized desktop as well because that’s what made me fall in love with Manjaro!

So I want some recent insights on the XFCE vs KDE on Manjaro and also recommendations as to which one should I go for?

Both will work for you, it’s a matter of taste. Here is a nice comparison between different DE’s:


The site lists the con of XFCE as

No advanced customization

What does it imply may I know :sweat_smile:?

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Customization on KDE is assumed to be more flexible, if that’s important - choose KDE.

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I can’t find the newbie section either : (

Okay. So I’m going with KDE and might eat your head in the near future if something goes wrong.
Nice nick though :wink:



Even when I think both will work for you, maybe you should try i3 or sway better if you look for a minimalist but fully working environment.

Yes, definitely I’d be trying that too, thanks. But initially, I’d consider one of the official editions to start with :sweat_smile:

Plus, I’ve heard that i3 has a steeper learning curve than KDE so I guess I should familiarize myself with a beginner friendly de before moving to others.


Just adding archived to the url of any topic from the previous solves the issue of Oops! That page does not exist or is private

For example,
Here’s a topic from the previous forum (unaccessible) -
Changing the url makes it viewable -


Is there a way of incorporating this message to the error screen? It would be an invaluable help, to people trying to research a question on their own.

At least for me as a new Manjaro user this would have been helpful, so thank you very much for pointing it out.


If you want real customization go for KDE. Xfce still has customization, just not as much. Also, with those specs, you will probably want xfce as if you really customize KDE it quickly gets quite heavy. Not as heavy as GNOME, but heavy.
Personally I recently switched from Xfce to KDE and I prefer KDE, but my computer specs are good.
If you want something that’s rock-solid stable and “just works” without ever crashing, go with Xfce.
But if you want real customization and crazy cool thing in exchange for some crashes, framerate drops, and screen tearing, go with KDE.


Thanks for clearing that!

Lightweight is my top priority

Can you explain this?

The best way to decide is to try both form a live USB.

As suggested you can easily try them both.

For me, running Manjaro on two X220, one with a second gen i3 and the other with an i5, Xfce seemed to be much more reactive and snappy on both, compared to running KDE and Gnome.

As for minimalism, it depends quite a lot on what you’relooking for. I want a dark theme and big fonts (I’m a wrter with a very bad eyesight) and no noise/distractions (no notifications, and so on). All of which is availabe in Xfce :wink:

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Both could work fine. Just install the minimal version of them, not the full versions.

I prefer KDE and Openbox personally.

No advanced customization

One has to tell this dude he could not customize his Xfce :


Mine is less sophisticated, I do admit :

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dont worry. start with kde but just install i3 on the side. keep using and configuring i3 whenever u have time and make the gradual shift to i3wm

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