XFCE/Thunar double tap not opening files

I am using XFCE with the default Thunar file manager and when I double click or use the stylus pen (Wacom) that I have I can open files normally. However if I try to double tap them with my finger they just get selected and do not open.

Do you have the issue with double tap only in Thunar? Or with other applications as well?

So far everything has worked aside from opening things in Thunar and on the desktop which I believe in XFCE is also handled by Thunar (although not certain)

I would have suggested to check the Mouse Settings, but if you don’t have the issue elsewhere…
Thunar does have a few Behavior Settings regarding the mouse, though opening with double click is already the default.

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Setting Thunar to open files with a single click does then allow me to tap to open them, so it is getting the tap signal properly.
I was wondering if the touch panel had some kind of lag (as my file manager is the only thing I would double click in) but it registered every tap on a CPS test website in Chrome.

Maybe this will help:

I have looked over the inputs and not found any configuration that helps. This blog: http://monaxoss.blogspot.com/2016/09/touchscreen-right-click-and-kernel.html indicates that these files don’t work on ELAN touch devices, which is what my laptop has.
Anyway, as Thunar is the only application in which it has been a problem I have replaced it with nemo, which is overall a bit slower but has better features so I prefer it anyway. hold-to-right-click still does not seem to work, but I don’t need that anyway and everything else works.

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