Xfce theming issues with some applications green others blue

After the last update, there is no unity in the default green theme. Some apps it is green others it is blue. Can I do anything to correct this inconsistency?

There is a difference between gtk-based applications and qt-based applications, and likewise, a difference in how their theming is set. For qt-based applications in a gtk-based environment such as Xfce, you need to use qt5ct (for qt5-based applications) or qt6ct (for qt6-based applications).

Also, there are currently two main versions of gtk in use, being gtk3 and gtk4, with some applications (like gimp) still using gtk2, even.

There is plenty of information regarding theming issues on the forum, so please use the forum’s search function — it’s what it’s there for.

Have you done the needed changes regardig to .profile ?

My bet would also be the sourcing of .profile.
I just created mini tutorial for that matter

After recent update for lightdm, system is not applying configuration settings in ~/.profile including: export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct" for QT theme

If there is no response to this command


Forum users have posted 3 different ways to resolve this:

  1. Copy configuration in ~/.profile to ~/.bash_profile


  1. Configure ~/.bash_profile to read ~/.profile

    tee -a ~/.bash_profile <<< "[[ -f ~/.profile ]] && . ~/.profile"


  1. create a symlink for ~/.profile to ~/.xprofile

    cd $HOME; ln -s .profile .xprofile

Firstly to @Aragorn, I do normally search the other posts before starting a post. However, on 11th Feb’24 whilst driving I had a stroke. The stroke occurred when a blood clot in my chest broke loose and travelled up my carotid artery and lodged on the left side of my brain. This area of the brain that control speech and language. The condition is called Aphasia, a disorder that affects your ability to speak, read, write and listen.
For example this post has taken me an hour to write, however the Neurologists say I should keep trying to do as much communication tasks as possible.
Now to @banjo, you are like a ninja that comes quietly, strikes, doesn’t say much but you have helped me out many times.
@Teo, this is quite a tutorial and in time, I hope I can adsorb it.
@nikgnomic, thanks for the well laid out examples.
Now that I have all this information, I’m sure in time I will be able to implement the necessary changes. Thanks to all.

My apologies, and my sympathies. I can commiserate. I myself had a mild stroke on Boxing Day 2022.

Yes, I know about aphasia. Among other things, I have been educated in the paramedical sector. :wink: