It seems my ~/.profile is not being used anymore?

must be after some update. anything I can do about it?

Please search the forum. That question has already been asked and answered many times.


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then your search sucks:

the only thing I could find (I did search beforehand btw) is about .bash_profile, when zsh was the default shell which it doesn’t seem to be for me

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After recent update for lightdm, system is not applying configuration settings in ~/.profile including: export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME="qt5ct"
for QT theme

If there is no response to this command


Forum users have posted 3 different ways to resolve this:

  1. Copy configuration in ~/.profile to ~/.bash_profile


  1. Configure ~/.bash_profile to read ~/.profile
    tee -a ~/.bash_profile <<< "[[ -f ~/.profile ]] && . ~/.profile"


  1. create a symlink for ~/.profile to ~/.xprofile
    cd $HOME; ln -s .profile .xprofile

Xfce theming theming issues with some applications green others blue

[Stable update]-2024-03-06 - post #31

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the first 2 solutions are suboptimal because that would run .profile each time a shell is opened. I for instance have a looping script in it that also happens to create output. Or I clear a ~/tmp folder in it, I dont want that each time I open a shell. There’s probably a million other reasons.

this sure has to do with “do you want to replace manjaro_bash with bash?”

I read in the Ubuntu stackexchange that .profile is ignored one .bash_profile exists. Why? I don’t know. They apparently fullfill different purposes.

also I would probably prefer to just use .xprofile than sym linking, seems like a cleaner solution to me

This is not true according the the Bash reference manual. Only interactive login shells read ~/.bash_profile:

When you start an interactive shell that is not a login shell:

No, it was changed by Arch because of this report for LightDM:

In short, you can use ~/.xprofile, as you already mentioned in your last post, source it in ~/.bash_profile or symlink it, as already mentioned above.

No it doesn’t.

Despite all the “why don’t you search” type answers, I can confirm this is a new regression. Worked find for me until very recently, no changes in my config. So digging up old answers is unlikely to help.

For the record I fixed this via the route of having my .xprofile source my .profile… I originally had it source my .bashrc (which already sources my .profile) but that didn’t work, I guess maybe I have a short in there somewhere for things which aren’t actually bash?

Anyway, now it works and maybe this helps!

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