XFCE super as whisker-menu

I notice that Manjaro XFCE users super to open whisker menu. If I set this in the GUI and have something else use “super + e” to open thunar, when combined it will start whisker menu AND thunar. I think it’s because of a key up, not sure though.

But somehow stock Manjaro XFCE doesn’t have this issue unless I set super to open whisker menu in the GUI. So my question is where is this set?

FIGURED IT OUT! It’s using xcape! The file is ~/.config/autostart/xcape.desktop

Programs that start on login can also be viewed at XFCE Settings Manager > System > Session and Startup > Application Autostart. You can check/uncheck programs there.

I currently use
to emulate the preconfigured shortcut ALT_L|F1 (left Alt Key and F1)
when pressing the “Windows” Key to open the Whisker menu and be able to start typing …

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