Xfce screensaver, bug?

Had a strange incident where xfce screensaver activated the lock screen and when I came to unlock it nothing could make it accept a password into the text entry box.

Also had a couple of total xfce lockups which may have been related to the screensaver activating, just a pink screen. ssh was still working OK.

the screen saver seems to activate a different lock panel to the xfce lock screen function.

Are you using xfce4-screensaver or light-locker? This thread mentions a similar problem, but does not identify what program is being used to lock the screen:

Hi I’m using whatever loads from the xfce settings manage under screensaver, whatever manjaro defaults are. Basically I have just disabled locking and can use the option from a panel menu…

But!!! in my log just noticed some oddities about that usb keyboard device, so maybe that’s the problem, it is a long thin cable on that keyboard so I have just rerouted it, would be nice to have an emi detector… actually you can pick up some cheap ones… also I am 15ft from a busy main road…

usb usb2-port3: disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling…
usb 2-3: USB disconnect, device number 6
usb 2-3: new low-speed USB device number 7 using ohci-pci
usb 2-3: device not accepting address 7, error -62
usb 2-3: new low-speed USB device number 8 using ohci-pci
usb 2-3: New USB device found, idVendor=1a2c, idProduct=0c21, bcdDevice= 1.10

and it went through a loop of about 4 of those disconnect errors within about 4 seconds

so if that had happened at a critical point could be the problem. (though you sort of wonder if it was not being watched to the nth degree if it would have been a problem at all ???)

@jrichard326 (off the topic of this thread, apologies) Regarding your post at the end of “how-to-make-laptop-not-suspend-when-the-lid-is-closed/19114/6” , from Sep '20. I had an “ah-hah” moment before I finished the first post on the page, then after seeing it worked, I finally scrolled through the page to see if it had been posted or discovered by anyone else, only to find I was late to the race by about 1yr exactly…lol
Well done Sir!! Well done!!

I’ll keep an eye out for you’re responses on other issues, thanks for you’re contributions.

It looks like a screensaver and screenlocker is started from two places!

In the power manager, which even though I have the button at the top of the power manager display settings disabled, the power manager is still doing display power management and locking the screen. BUT!!! this screenlocker is different to the one started by the screensaver set up in the xfce options screensaver options and that uses lightlocker I think and it was that one that messed up.

So there is a bug… turning off power manager display power management does not turn it off! (or some odd combination) and possibly lightlocker messes up with a different bug.

I’m thinking maybe you need to keep power manager handling display power management and set the sliders in power manager to never or it gets handled somewhere else by X11 perhaps?

Basically stop the screensaver starting the screenlocker when it activates the screensaver… as the display power manager can do that and power manager uses a different screen locker.

I think ideally you would merge the power manager and screen saver into the same single configuration function as they both do similar things… obviously screensaver does not want to start after power manager has shut the display power off, and certainly does not want to lock the screen again (and vice versa)

I removed light-locker quite awhile ago due to some bug that I cannot remember. I replaced it with xfce4-screensaver and never had any reason to look back. It works fine this way.

so? you do not have the security tab in your power manager? (which is in mine)

is that because it’s power manager that is starting light-locker as its default choice if it is installed, and if not installed do not get the security tab in power manager.

I installed xfce-goodies so I have xfce4-screensaver, and from what you say I guess its power manager you do not want to allow to use its screen locker

Still the timing slider for screensaver time still is related to the sliders for power manager turning off the display… so would be better in the same configuration function… i.e. an extra screensaver tab for power manager.