Xfce screen saver

Hello. New to Manjaro. A freshly installed system and it seems that the screen saver or screen blanking doesn’t work. Are there any known issues with screen saver or blanking?


Do you have xfce4-screensaver installed ?

Yes I do.

Ok, just checking.
By “doesn’t work” what do you mean exactly?
The screen never blanks? Or you have some animation set and it never starts? Or?

The screen never blanks. I’ve set xfce4-screensaver to 1 minute as a test. Nothing happens.

I thought I saw something about installing xfce4-screensaver and removing another related package. Sound familiar?

Did you try to use settings in Power Manager (xfce4-power-manager-settings) ? You’ll find settings for display blanking, reducing brightness etc. in Display tab :slight_smile:

Yes, I fiddled with those settings.

I’ve noticed that my comments about the screen saver not working are not completely accurate.

The screensaver is working on the laptop screen only. I have 2 LCD screens plugged into the laptop docking station. They are both using HDMI to Display Port adapters. So it is these 2 screens are not turning off.