XFCE panel sensor plugin shows incorrect CPU temperature

It’s about 20 C lower than it should be. On my previous installation it displayed the correct temperature. I don’t remember whether I configured anything back then for it to work properly. Recently I reinstalled the system from scratch, now it shows 5–9 C when the system is idle, which is impossible when the temperature in the room is 22–25 C and the CPU has only standard box cooler and fan.

How can I make it display the correct temperature?

You probably followed this:
Let us know what happens after sensors-detect and reboot part.

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Thanks! sensors-detect and reboot by themselves didn’t help, but I followed Adjusting_values advice in the same article that you gave the link to, and now the temperature is displayed correctly, after I adjusted the temperature by +20 C.

But I also wanted to ask, just out of curiosity, whether it is possible to make the sensor plugin display the new temperature without restarting the system. sensors command started displaying the new temperature immediately after creating the file with adjusted settings, but the sensor plugin didn’t. I tried systemctl restart lm_sensors.service but it didn’t help. Only after I restarted the system, the plugin started displaying the new temperature.

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How did you arrive at (determine) that offset?

When I was rebooting the system I took a look at the hardware information in BIOS. Of course, I don’t know that the temperature is off by exactly 20 degrees, but I figured that a couple degrees won’t make a big difference. Maybe you happen to know a way to determine the exact difference?

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