Xfce panel drop shadow is not working with kwin compositor

The default compositor xfwm4 in my manjaro xfce is not very appealing. That’s why I installed kwin compositor. After that there is no drop shadow under the xfce panel. How can I see the drop shadow under xfce panel while using kwin compositor?

Kwin is built for KDE - If you want to configure Kwin you will probably need to install the kde configuration tools.

I think I saw a topic recently with some experimental builds of a kwin like compositor

I installed kwinft. But still no drop shadow.

  • Drop shadow - that is cosmetic right?
  • I didn’t say KWinFt was the solution - maybe a helpful reference - nothing more.
  • Did you install the KDE configuration tools?

If drop-shadow is something you cannot live without - then revert to xfwin and be happy


XFCE is a desktop environment based upon the GTK widget toolkit. kwin is the window manager of KDE Plasma, which is entirely based upon the Qt widget toolkit.

The drop-shadows in KDE Plasma are part of the window decorations themselves for where the application windows are concerned, and part of the chosen Plasma theme whereas the panels and desktop widgets are concerned.

If you want a compositor optimized for GTK, then you should check out compton. kwin is not the right choice for XFCE.