Xfce, multiple locker?

Hello, I installed Manjaro XFCE a few times, looking at the xfce4-goodies group I note that some packages are not installed, and I realize that my Lockscreen is actually Lightdm, is it normal ? I thought it was XFCE’s Lockscreen who was used, I finished installing the XFCE4-Goodies group, how can I change that?
Thank you

LightDM is not a lockscreen, but a Display Manager /Login Screen.

I think the lockscreen in XFCE is xscreensaver, but I could be wrong as I have not used XFCE in a few years.

Not exactly. I uninstalled xscreensaver in XFCE because it tried to lock the screen on top of something else, not sure what. The net effect was that I’d log in and be presented with another locked screen. Now I just ctrl-alt-del manually when I want to lock the screen, but of course, then I can’t look to see what is locking it. Hey, it works.


I believe light-locker was the default on xfce. I ditched it in favor of xfce4-screensaver.

I think you’re right, what should I do to replace it? Simply uninstall light-locker? Or I have something to modify in the xfce etc session

remove light-locker using pamac GUI or in terminal pamac remove light-locker.

Activate xfc4-xcreensaver lock screen in xfce4-screensaver settings:
Start-Settings Manager-Screensaver-Lock Screen Tab

BTW most, if not all, of that xfce4 goodies package is available as standalone packages as far as I can tell. Almost all of it came default with my xfce install which was quite awhile back. I have since, removed quite a few of those packages as I know that I will never use them.