XFCE Minimal apps?

I have been using Manjaro for quite a few years now, without any non-self-inflicted problems -Thanks!

Over this time I have twiddled and tweaked etc with new apps (sorry if this is not the right terminology but packages seems to be something else AFAICT)

Anyway, I would like to streamline things a bit and get back to the ‘minimal’ XFCE installation plus the apps that I actually use

I cant work out which apps in the ‘All Applications’ are needed for the minimal installation and which are ones that I installed / want to keep / want to get rid off

My idea was:

  1. Timeshift
  2. Using pamac delete all apps that are not on Minimal installation or in my list of to keep
  3. Using pamac get rid of orphans

Anyone give me some advice please?

See Post # 2 here:

for minimal iso , links are in olders versions
see this for latest iso xfce minima


If you are wanting to see what you have installed to decide what you want to install later on you can open a terminal and use pacman.

pacman -Q will list everything on your system, which is not really helpful
pacman -Qe will list everything that you have explicitly installed adding a lower-case q to the end will get rid of version numbers
pacman -Qm will list what you have installed from the AUR
pacman -Qn will list what is from repositories
pacman -Qdt will list orphaned dependencies, these may or may not be programs you want to keep.

these commands may help you with deciding what programs you may want to put back on your system after you do a fresh minimalist install.


Even more helpful!
Does pacman -Qe = (pacman -Qm + pacman -Qn), so to speak?
It does look line it

Is there any way of seeing what I actually installed, rather than what I installed plus the dependencies that that needed?
e.g pacman -Qe gives me, amongst so many others, spectre-meltdown-checker which must have been installed with something else as I have no idea what it does let alone remember installing it

and it includes things like manjaro-settings-manager which came with manjaro

I guess my interpretation of explicitly installed is wrong


pamac list --explicitly-installed


$ pamac list -h
--explicitly-installed, -e : list explicitly installed packages

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