XFCE Live USB no Portuguese?


I use latest Manjaro XFCE in English and love it!
However I would like to install it on my Mom’s old desktop PC that has Win 10 that is suuuuper slow and always on 100% on the HDD (not an SSD) so I booted the latest XFCE iso so she could have a look at it.

At the Live GRUB I selected PT Keyboard/Time and Language.
When Manjaro came up so she could try, it was in English.
On Manjaro Settings the PT language pack is there.
Tried to change the Language to show menus etc in PT and it only shows in EN.

Does OS shows in Portuguese only after installation do HDD?


Shameless plug, but my little Cinnamon Spin called DeLinuxCo works perfect in Portuguese.
I installed it on my mothers HP Probook, older device and it works great. Just rememeber to strip it of not needed applications.


What’s different about it? Are you including language packs the official ISOs are not?

We can definitely add more language packs if needed.

Nope, just select Portuguese at the Grub menu and it starts the ISO in Portuguese.

Yes, the official Xfce edition has Portuguese for Brazil & Portugal as well. It seems that is not the issue as he already chose that during install.

@JesusLinux What’s the output of the locale command?

See also Locale - ArchWiki

The live system loads the corresponding language as chosen at the boot menu.

The Manjaro Hello Application will initially be displayed in English.

The installer will use geo-location based (if network is connected) to suggest the language to install and this may be different from the one selected at grub boot menu.

Useless screenshots using a virtual box vm minimal ISO


I did exactly what shows in grub screen picture you posted.
Tz= Europe/Lisbon and Key=PT, Lang= PT-PT.

Then after boot Manjaro hello is in English as the rest of OS.
This is weird because recently I installed latest Manjaro XFCE in another laptop and I selected everything PT-PT but the Language which I use in English.
Then Manjaro Hello on the live session was in PT-PT.
During the Calamares install I selected the way I wanted and everything went well.

My Mom’s Desktop has no wifi only ethernet connection.
I checked the Manjaro settings and the PT-PT was loadedin the live session.

I’ll have to check that at a later time since I’m not at that particular desktop.
Just wanted to show Manjaro to my Mom but her English is not very good.

She just uses the PC 2/3 times a month to pay bills via e-banking and receive mails with bills to pay (water/electricity etc), and Doctor/health Care appointments.

She only uses Google Chrome Browser for those things.

Win 10 she’s using takes ages to boot mainly because of the HDD.
I want to dual boot Win 10 with Manjaro (keep Win 10 just in case) so she can start using Manjaro.
Then install Google Chrome Browser (it’s all she uses).
I tested the HP printer and it works on the live session.


Esse Sistema já é muito pesado para o que eu quero.
No Grub seleciono tudo em PT Portugal e depois o Manjaro Hello e o sistema apareceu em Inglês.

Hi @JesusLinux

Do you intend to manage maintenance of your Mother’s computer? Will you visit every week/fortnight to do that? I ask this for a very practical reason. If you don’t intend to do that, then another distribution might serve you better.

Manjaro is a rolling release that requires ongoing attention and maintenance. You cannot simply update it every few months (like a point release distribution) and not expect problems.

I mention this in case you haven’t thought it through carefully.


Sim, funciona melhor com um processador de 4 núcleos. Já procurou o Linux Mint LMDE6? Talvez seja uma escolha melhor, até tem actualizações automáticas incorporadas.

I intend visit every month or so.
Like I said she only uses the old desktop PC 2/3 times a month.
Win 10 is super slow.
I intend to make dual boot with the current Win 10 just in case something goes wrong with Manjaro.

Also other thing I didn’t mention, I’m afraid of Win 10 virus and stuff.
Sometimes she clicks on things she shouldn’t and installs stuff…
The other day Avast Safe Browser was installed out of the blue.
I did the Win 10 installation a couple of years ago
I only installed basic stuff live LibreOffice, Foxit PDF, Avast and Malwarebytes, Google Chrome (is the thing she uses the most to browse and go to gmail), VLC and win.rar and I think it was about it.
I tried to clean the Win 10 bloat as much as I could (using BCU program).
I already told her several times not to click links in mails and stuff…but she is 78.

Win 10 updates take ages to do and she turns off (pressing the button) the PC while it’s updating (although I told her not to).

I run sfc /SCANNOW in cmd. and it found corrupt files and repair them.

I just want something safe for her and faster.

I would be the root/admin user of Manjaro and she would just use the system as she uses Win 10 mainly Google Chrome Brower.


Sim conheço LMDE e pode ser um opção.
Apenas estou mais familiarizado com Manjaro XFCE.

I was curious - and although I do neither speak nor read portugese,
I booted the latest Xfce4 minimal and selected portugese in timezone (Lisbon), language and keyboard layout.
Everything except Manjaro Hello was in portugese.
The installer (choose from menu - the only item there in english) -
started in my native language - german, not english (probably geo location - IDK)
but that can be changed to portugese in the very first screen of the installer

It switched instantly to all text in portugese.

Installation went through and the resulting system was in portugese, as expected.
The only thing that still wasn’t is the Manjaro Hello thing.

Yes, I’ve seen that happen more times than I care to remember. If I recall correctly, it might actually be Foxit that occasionally presents Avast (and other apps) when it’s updated.

SumatraPDF might be a worthwhile replacement for Foxit, though it’s strictly a Reader for PDF (and other formats).

Do you intend installing Manjaro on a second disk?

I recently gave some multibooting guidelines in another thread, which may be of interest. I’ll drop a link to it here, in case it’s useful.


Most likely it was Avast Free Antivirus (that is installed) auto update or one of those annoying pop ups that they show all the time and maybe she click it.

I use Avast in my Win 10 installations and it’s bit annoying:
The are always trying to push the paid version with pop ups.

As with Foxit reader I never had any problems.
I update the apps in Win 10 laptops via Chocolatey.

On my Mom’s PC I installed the basic apps via Ninite. Maybe that is the problem.

I intend to make partitions for Manjaro install on same HDD that has Win 10 on,
I have it on 2 laptops now and never had a problem.
I teach my Mom to choose what she wants to boot to on GRUB.
If she gets confused or something “restart an select Win 10 here”


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Ok I tried this again.
Booted to latest live XFCE.
Sorry for posting pictures.
Locale command shows everything in PT-PT.
The OS is in EN-US even after wifi login.

Portuguese (and Brazil) works fine. I also tested German on the latest ISO:

23.1.3 XFCE Full


So what am I doing wrong?
The locale command shows everything in PT-Pt but everything in OS shows in EN-US.
I would like to show the live usb in Portuguese to my Mom to see if she likes it…

did you download 23.1.3 full? It is not yet listed on the download page as I didn’t had time to test it fully. On virtualbox it works fine.