XFCE Keeps Randomly Freezing

Well i would advice to have just a small swapfile. It is not necessary that it will be used, if you have enough ram, but let the kernel manage it itself. Also Windows have a small swapfile, even if you disable it there for a reason…

I havent really messed with my kernel settings other than downgrading it or upgrading or adding automatic cache cleanup when i install packages. I didnt install manjaro on a partition btw, i completely wiped my drive and installed, so i dont have windows on it anymore, BUT, i do have a fresh windows USB and a fresh Manjaro USB if i do ever need them.

yeah i know, there is the option to just skip the swap. But it is better to have one, even just a small one, just in case. As you see in the logs xfwm4 cant allocate space, why ever, i don’t know, but a small swap space could solve this behavior.

Alright thank you, i really appreciate your help, ill come back to this thread if i get more issues