XFCE GPU driver issues?

Not really sure if this is a driver issue or something else. I have installed XFCE on a older mini laptop. I’ll start by saying this laptop runs MX Linux KDE just fine with bigger ram usage 600+ on start up vs 500+ for XFCE. General usage is also heavier for MX over time.

The problem is the when using a browers, be it Firefox, Midori or Vivaldi the system stutters and sometimes locks up when transitioning video from a box view to full screen. Loading images also stutters.

I checked the drivers for graphics (Radeon HD8180 )and nothing really stands out. Not proprietary but I doubt there’s a choice as its one of those shared memory propositions.

This really feels like an optimisation issue but I’m no guru with XFCE. I have looked around but found no real solution. If anyone has had a similar experience or has some suggestions that would be welcome.

have you tried going into windows tweaks & disable the compositor.

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Thanks for the reply Kerry. It does make things a little smoother during playback but opening and closing video’s still has some issues with exaggerated delays. May be its not well optimised for my particular GPU?

it’s probably an xorg/x11 bug, you say you ran kde fine, so i’m thinking yours likes wayland, try the manjaro plasma or gnome desktop see what happens.

Yes I have in fact installed KDE and its not too bad. Little slow but certainly better than XFCE.

you need to learn to sway:


GitHub - Manjaro-Sway/manjaro-sway: 🚧 manjaro linux with wayland 🖼, sway 🌴 and a lot of ♥

i use manjaro arm sway on a rpi400, once you learn it all the other desktops are boring.
i’m running at low res cause my eyes are blurry. mines really tweaked.

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