Xfce enviroment installed is not the same I tried in the liveCD

hi guys, I recently install in my old laptop Xfce version from the Official page, so when I tried the liveCd version it shows something like this:

but when I installed it, it shows something different from what I expected it:

I want the same LiveCD version.


What did you install? how ? where did you get it ? version ? link ?
Thats not a regular manjaro installation.
Did you install over a previous system while preserving home ?

What did you install?
mikah 20.1.2
downloaded the image .iso from Manjaro - Downloads

where did you get it ?

Did you install over a previous system while preserving home ?
yes, I had Manjaro Gnome, so I erased the partition with the gnome version and I preserved /home )with my personal files)

why did I decide to change enviroment_?
because my laptop runs better with xfce.

I create a bootable usb 16Gb with

and I downloaded the iso again from

xfce version

Create a new user and see how it looks.

could u please tell me how?

I thought most DE’s have some sort of utility for this.

But in terminal to add user ‘tester’ you can do:

sudo useradd -m tester

Then you can assign a password with:

sudo passwd tester
  • you said u preserved /home partition. that might be a problem because previous gnome installation left some ‘.(dot)hiddenfiles’ in home direcotry, those are configurations which interferes with the new installation
  • To view those files press Ctrl+H in /home (Note : XFCE also generates these configs)
  • i would recommend you to delete those ‘.(dot)hiddenfiles’ in home directory and reinstall Manjaro XFCE

it works, thanks, and how do I eliminate the old user??
is there any other step to let things works normally?

Probably so.
Which is why we test with a new user which should be created with the new system defaults.

Goto Manjaro Settings Manager > User Accounts. Select the User and click on ‘-’

A prompt will ask you if you’d like to preserve the user’s home folder

does it erase my old /home?

I am going to guess you dont want the user ‘tester’ so maybe create one with whatever name you prefer.
(maybe you already did :wink:)

But of course you probably also want to move/backup your files and photos and whatnot.

Then make sure your new user is in all the right groups.
Check current groups:
and check new user groups (example username tester):
groups tester

Mainly you want to make sure it is in its own user group and wheel at least.
You can add the user to new groups using (replace ex ‘group1’ with ‘wheel’ etc):

sudo usermod -aG group1,group2,group3 username

Then if you are sure you have everything you need safe you can log into your new account and delete the old user and its home (again using any desktop utility or) using terminal command:

userdel -r original-username-to-be-killed

(it does remove home when the -r flag is specified)

I think I prefer to reinstall again for a clean install, but first I need to do a back up in a portable HD for my /home,
then during the reinstallation I will erase /home and format that partition.
and I will let u know.

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