XFCE Dolphin file manager Add-on installation: "Failed to execute install script"

Dolphin 20.08.1 / Preferences / Services / Download new services, you can see Add-On installer. Click install button, it says “Failed to execute install script”. When i try again it says:

This file already exists on disk (possibly due to an earlier failed download attempt). Continuing means overwriting it. Do you wish to overwrite the existing file?


sudo grep -Ri “dolphin” /var/log
shows nothing related

You require to install packagekit-qt5 package with their dependencies. Is offered as optional dependency if you install Dolphin outside of KDE Plasma … Most omit to select it. That then will extract/install what you download from Store.
Mind you but OpenAsROOT might not work and we do not recommend to use UI applications as ROOT.

i have installed dolphin dolphin-plugins using pacman -S. I was not aware/missed i should install yours mentioned package, would rather expect it to install by default as a dependency

Well, is optional dependency hence will not be marked, and only Pamac UI shows that optional popup AFAIK, and some users that use Dolphin in another DE dislike to add more things to it that could potentially add even more KDE stuff to their installation. Glad was sorted out for you.

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