XFCE desktop not showing up in selector in LightDM login screen

Good day.
This is the problem: I’ve started with Manjaro GNOME, then had been tinkering around with different DEs because GNOME is too heavy for my notebook. I use also LightDM. If I try to install xfce, it doesn’t show up in the selector of DEs into login screen. Other DEs show up fine. There is only an action I did on the system that could be related. Some time ago, tinkering with KDE Plasma to have i3 as default WM, I created a new entry for the combination (but can’t actually remember the path of the edited file, I’ll update the post as soon as I’ll remember). There was an xfce file in that folder which I deleted, because xfce wasn’t actually installed and an xfce option was showing up in the selector. Does someone else had similar issues with a DE? May be the deletion of that file the cause of the problem?
Thank you all for the support!


Never heard of it - I reckon it is the display manager and display managers look in /usr/share/xsessions for session to select at login - so if it is some unknown display manager - it must be a matter for the developer of said display manager.

That’s why you cannot select xfce. Reinstall xfce to get it back.

Sorry, it’s LightDM. My bad :sweat_smile:.
About reinstalling, I have alredy tried, but it didn’t work

A search using pamac package manager to look for the desktop file which you removed and using the folder name xsessions as filter

$ pamac search -f xfce | grep xsessions
/usr/share/xsessions/xfce.desktop is owned by xfce4-session

The xfce.desktop is owned by the package xfce4-session so you can get it back by reinstalling that package

sudo pacman -S xfce4-session

Yes, this worked. Thank you, I didn’t know about this function in pamac

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