XFCE configuration: window title bar color & time format

I’m coming from KDE Plasma to XFCE and have 3 questions that perhaps current Manjaro XFCE users have experienced.

  1. Is XFCE doc only online? When I click “Help” in a dialog, a popup is displayed, “Do you want to read the manual online?” And there is only “Cancel” and “Read Online”. I do most things offline.

  2. How do I change the datetime format for GTK dialogs? For example, when I run libreoffice or gimp and do a File >Open. I changed the format in the File Manager, Thunar, Preferences.
    I also set the environmental variable, TIME_STYLE=‘long-iso’, which ls obeys.
    I want all file dates to have the format: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M, unless I specify otherwise.

  3. I selected style Kolodi in the Window Manager. I like everything about it, except the color of the window title bar. I have a vertical gradient color desktop and I’d like the window title bar to complement it. Is there a simple way to change the title bar color, perhaps in .config/gtk-3.0? Everything I’ve read so far, seems to copy the entire theme to the home directory and I’m trying not to do that because I don’t want to think about the theme and updates.

Thank you.

Docs… https://docs.xfce.org/

There’s no easy way to change the titlebar color, because the window frame, titlebar included, is made of pixmaps, see in /usr/share/theme/Kokodi/xfwm4/ .

Not having much luck with this either. The solution I tried was to assign a different locale to LC_TIME. I also tried creating my own locale file to change d_fmt. This worked for gimp, but not libreoffice, mousepad, or kate.

So far to get a consist date format close to Y-m-d H:m:S, I’ve changed the date format:

  • For Thunar: Preferences
  • For ls: declare -x TIME_STYLE=“long-iso”

But I’d still like to change the date format for XFCE file open dialogs.