Xfce compositors broken for freesync systems

Xfce compositor doesn’t unredirect full screen windows wile enabled to do. Picom Glx does but freesync goes 40-155hz up down wile it is excluded from that behavior by Mesa default. Picom Xrender doesn’t provide desktop Vsync. No options here everything was good now broken.

Nothing to report but the obvious, i don’t know why the xfce unredirect option doesn’t do anything for like four months now. I also don’t know why picom xrender doesn’t have vsync wile enabled wile does have unredirect. And i cannot tell why picom with glx does work with vsync and does have unredirect but it’s not exluded from freesync like with xrender does, for a month now.

Partially solved. Picom.conf was changed structure again. And i hade to copy paste the new one from root to home. Why i use it from home? Because i want to change settings. Also that doesn’t mean that the critical error doesn’t stand. Something unsupported in the old picom.conf was breaking trough the freesync exclusion of picom by mesa default. Someone will lose a monitor one day.

Yeah mate, I would like to discuss this with you but damn, this is more a campfire story than specifics on what is wrong and why it’s an issue.

from what I know XFCE has it’s own Compositor and you have installed Picom to replace that?

Personally I use XFCE on a 144hz screen and do not notice any difference with the default compositor on or off, perhaps a 5fps gain with it off.

Manjaro xfce compositor has broken UNREDIRECT option for some months now. Lose of a monitor also possible.