Xfce - Best Video Editing Software? Need Fancy Video Of Game We Made!


We are an extremely small cross-platform open-source Indie video game developer.
We now use “Manjaro Xfce 64Bit” on all of our development computers.

We would like to make a cool flashy promo video for our recently released video game:

We have been using “SimpleScreenRecorder” on Manjaro to capture real gameplay with audio.
We need a video editing software application that is easy to use to turn stock videos into fancy promos.
Can someone recommend the best one that will work well with Xfce?



kdenlive is a popular video editing program

Or you can try others in this list:

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I haven’t edited videos for some time now, so i don’t know how better or worse editors have become. But i do remember having to try multiple editors because of stability, behavior or update issues with most of them.

The two i did use on the long run were

  • kdenlive, quite full-featured but it regularly crashed on my end
  • blender, powerful and stable overall, although it has a noticeable learning curve; its major downside is its much slower release cycle compared to Arch/Manjaro, making it prone to issues with dependencies updates
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Last time I have to cut a video I used ‘shotcut’ which was simple to use.

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From what I’ve seen unfa is using Olive for his videos with fancy effects. You can try kdenlive, but it has/had issues with poxying video, don’t know how it works now. I know that dude from Linux for Everyone use Lightworks. Both are in AUR :slight_smile:

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