XFCE autostart applications

Which startup applications can I disable in Manjaro XFCE?

Disable them one at a time and see what happens.

I thought of doing that but also feared of causing any problem.
So, I asked here.

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Depends on what you are doing/not doing.
Bluetooth and printer would come in mind first. Do you need it, use it ?
Who knows, it’s up to you.


It depends. Search this forum, archlinux, xfce or a general Internet search. If you hover over the line, it’ll show what is executed. I have 7 programs checked: Network, Policy Kit, Pulse Audio, Screensaver, Xfce Notification Daemon, Xfce Settings daemon, xiccd. I’m on a Desktop, so no to Power Management. I don’t use the pamac Update Notifier. XFCE-Panel Workaround seems to have been a fix to a problem in the past. I disabled bluetooth services (systemd) so they don’t even show in the list.