XFCE Applet for Pipewire

Hi everyone!, I changed from PulseAudio to Pipewire (I’m on XFCE) then I realized I don’t have any working sound applet :frowning_face:, is there any way to have a working sound applet with Pipewire in XFCE?
Thanks for the help!

How did you switch? (Is pipewire-pulse installed?) The pulseaudio one should be working with pipewire as well.

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Installing Manjaro-Pipewire, I’ll check for the package you said.
pipewire-pulse is installed.

Should I change the audio mixer reference in the pulseaudio applet to something else?..
or maybe restart the PC? :sweat_smile:, I just relogged after the installation…

Is pavucontrol still installed? If not you might to reinstall it I guess. Aeh ya. And restart

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yeah restart. And maybe also check for pacnew files. AFAIR 2 pacnew files related to pipewire also dropped in with the update.

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Oh God!!! I just needed to restart :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:, this is so awkward :sweat_smile:, thanks for the help, :sweat_smile:

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