Xfce 64Bit - "Insync" Google Drive Client For Linux?


Running Manjaro Xfce 64Bit.

I need to exchange files between Manjaro and a Windows 10 Pro 64Bit desktop I VNC into.
I have a subscription for “Insync” which I was using on openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE 64Bit.
It was easy to install.

Looking now at Manjaro, I am not sure what to do to get it working and even if it’s a great idea?

Found below:

Any opinions here?
I need to quickly share files between Manjaro Linux and Win 10.
Let me know how to proceed…


from the description in the arch wiki it is as easy as:

systemctl enable insync@user.service
systemctl enable insync.service

… and of course either reboot - or just start the service …

The software is installing a .deb file (made for Debian and the like, like Ubuntu …)
probably even the same as Suse was using - but that is speculation :wink:

insync is found in the AUR - not in the standard repositories
… learn how to peruse AUR …
It’s easy with pamac and it’s GUI tool.

Ok, got it working now, thank you!