XFCE 4.16 does not exist in repositories manjaro

When will xfce 4.16 appear in the repositories stable branch?

When time comes :slight_smile: Now is in testing.

Xfce 4.6 was released to stable-staging branch recently - [Stable-Staging-Update] 2021-01-02

Look a this recent feature:

Since desktop icons have been introduced in Xfce 4.4, people have expressed the need to allow the selection of multiple icons (rubber banding). With Xfce 4.6 , the Xfdesktop manager finally implements this feature: you can select multiple icons, remove them, etcetera…


Crazy, calling this a feature in 2021.

I use nemo as my desktop manager atm. It’s missing features, barely running because of various compatibility issues but still better than xfdesktop + thunar. Still I cannot get rid of xfdesktop, nemo is only a desktop manager it lacks some features like wallpaper management.

When it comes to file explorers Nemo imo is superior to thunar.

But ofc when it comes out i’ll gladly try it.

You did notice the version mismatch (4.16 vs 4.6) , did you not? That feature was new in February 2009: Xfce - Wikipedia

I did but it was late. Didn’t bother removing the ridiculous post.
I must have terrible memory, i have used it for so long yet i don’t even remember that much.

Sorry, I like to make these kind of jokes on typo’s.