Xfburn won't burn an ISO

I’m trying to burn a Linux iso using Manjaro (on an older system - Amd Athlon II). Kernel is currently 5.19.0-2, but a previous 5.17 series kernel showed the same results. The MB is an Asus M4A77T with 16GB ram.
I get an error “burn mode not supported”.
I booted into an MX instance on the same hardware and it created the bootable DVD without issue.
Am I just unlucky with my particular hardware combination under Manjaro or is there a workaround.fix?

I dont run Xfce so I cant say exactly, but its likely a setting in Xfburn to select the burn mode.

Why don’t you use Brasero or K3B for example? XFBurn hasn’t been updated for over 2 years now.

Sorry for the somewhat tardy reply.
Firstly: I have installed xfburn which I have used successfully for a number of years from the Manjaro repos. As of today it’s still available although it has not been updated recently as stated above,
I trust the repos and I have usually found that software from that source works well with the distro in whose repos it is found.
Secondly: despite not working on Manjaro, xfburn worked perfectly on MX Linux which I also use.
My question really was around what I needed to do to make that software work equally successfully on both distros as I am a fan of both.
I also appreciate the suggestions in respect of alternative solutions to burning an iso.

It might be as easy as finding the settings folder/file in your home directory and copying it from MX to Manjaro. That way it will be setup like the working version.