Xdg-email not working - Can't use mailto in Vivaldi

if I click on a mailto-link in Vivaldi nothing happens. I could locate the problem in xdg-email which is used by Vivaldi to start the E-Mail program.
I checked in the terminal and this is the output of xdg-email:

[michael@michael-thinkpad ~]$ xdg-email mailto:michael2705@gmx.de
/usr/bin/xdg-email: Zeile 619: thunderbird.desktop: Kommando nicht gefunden.

In line 619 I found “THUNDERBIRD” but it doesn’t seem to be the right command.

Hello :wave:

you need to change the default application:

My default application is Thunderbird. If it would be that easy… :smiley:

It is that easy :smiley:

On XFCE it works perfectly.

Doesn’t work for me in KDE.

I hope I’m not too late to the party but I just discovered why my Chromium and Vivladi were not working. There is an entry in ~/.config/emaildefaults called EmailClient[$e] and mine was set to thunderbird.desktop. When I changed it to just thunderbird my mailto links started working. Ie; xdg-email mailto:my@email.address opened up in Thunderbird.