Xclip changes not available outside terminals

I just installed Manjaro Plasma today, and after a few hours on it I notice that copying using xclip does not seem to be available to Klipper.

Steps to reproduce:

  • open Konsole
  • pacman -S xclip
  • echo abc |xclip -i -selection clipboard
  • Click on “clipboard contents” in the system tray.

Expected result: the top entry is ‘abc’
Observed result: there’s no ‘abc’ in clipboard history.

I went back and booted into the install disk, and it does work there :frowning: But I’m curious if anybody else is able to reproduce this behavior.



The copied content is there, but there is a bug in klipper that causes the clipboard content to remain hidden from view upon the first click on the icon. You have to open the clipboard twice in order to see the contents.

This bug has been around since we switched to Plasma 5.27, but it may have already been introduced in 5.26 — I can’t say for sure because I stayed with 5.24 until we switched to 5.27.

First click :arrow_down:

Second click :arrow_down:

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Then you are likely using Wayland - try the wl-clipboard package

sudo pacman -Syu wl-clipboard
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