XCFE4 terminal colors

Hello interested reader,

i am looking for a config of sorts so i can change the standard terminal config to have folder in different colors, certain files etc…
It seem all i can have is text (general) and bold for some items.
I just do not know the commands for a color scheme config. Or does this need a different terminal all together?


switch to zsh from bash(manjaro xfce’s default shell) and use :point_down:

to get :point_down:




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This is probably a stupid question.
Should i uninstall the default terminal?

And thanks for the suggestion. Will install that. :star_struck:

p.s. i think that was a stupid question from me. Nevermind

If you want to switch your existing system to zsh, you can do that at any time, like this:

pamac install manjaro-zsh-config
cp /etc/skel/.zshrc ~/
chsh -s /bin/zsh

no need to remove the default terminal which, I am guessing, is bash.

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Assuming XFCE, xfce4-terminal, and bash.

Start with XFCE Terminal colors.

Then checkout the environment variable LS_COLORS.

dir_colors (man dir_colors, dircolors --print-database) is a utility to help with LS_COLORS.

/etc/skel/.dir_colors is copied to the user’s home directory (~/.dir_colors).

These 4 bullet items are from gnu.org and contain nuggets of info:

  1. There is default style definition that is hard-coded in the ‘dircolors’ program. The user can also define their own definitions in a file such as ~/.dir_colors. This style definition contains explicit terminal escape sequences; thus, it can only be used with consoles and terminal emulators, and each style definition applies only to a certain class of mostly-compatible terminal emulators.
  2. The dircolors program, when invoked, translates such a style definition to a sequence of shell statements that sets an environment variable LS_COLORS.
  3. The shell executes these statements, and thus sets the environment variable LS_COLORS.
  4. The program looks at the environment variable and emits the listed escape sequences.
    GNU libtextstyle

Checkout the default ~/.bashrc for dir_colors, specifically the line using eval.


Yes, i think thats it.

Now i installed the theme for ZSH and it works great.
So i will check this as well. I just think if folders have a different color, it makes it easier to read.

Thanks for the guide. :slight_smile: