Xbox Series Controller not detected by on bluetooth

Hi, I have been trying to use an xbox series x/s controller via bluetooth and it simply won’t show up in system settings or using bluetoothctl, it just isn’t detected at all. I have xpadneo installed and my controller’s firmware is fully updated. The controller works on other devices I’ve tried, including the same pc running windows, and every other device I’ve tried connecting with bluetooth has worked fine, but connecting an xbox controller to linux hasn’t really worked. I couldn’t get it working with mint a while back either so I’m not sure if it’s a distro-specific problem.

Any ideas?

once a bluetooth device is paired to another system (here windows) the pairing to linux is invalid. you need to repair the system.
please use the search function of the forum for “xbox controller”. there are already of similar topics.

So you mean I have to unpair it on windows? And what do you mean by repair the system?

sorry for this misleading phrase, you’ll need to configure the bluetooth-system, check that the needed packages for the xbox-controller are installed, check if your controller needs additional packages if it is a compatible and not original controller and check the search function of this forum for “xbox controllers”.

Yeah I have xpadneo installed, unless there’s something else I’m missing that I haven’t found.

I think its not possible to help you at all with that description…

One step after another…

1.Whats going on with your bluetooth stick… all details.
2.When bluetooth is working and show the gamedevice, we can move on.
3.I never had to used xpadneo for my xbox one wireless controller.
4.Why is this posted under Network? :crazy_face:

all details

What all do you need me to find out about it?

When bluetooth is working and show the gamedevice, we can move on.

Well yeah, that’s the entire issue.

Why is this posted under Network?

Is there somewhere else for bluetooth issues?

I still have no idea, where exactly is your problem now.

Maybe my little Topic how i paired my xbox wireless gamepad will hopefully help you:

My problem is that the controller doesn’t appear at all, it isn’t even found as available.

I was going to suggest speaking to the devs of xpadneo, but you already have:

I know you don’t think it’s an incompatibility, but support for linux may not be identical. :man_shrugging:

Someone else has a similar problem.

Series X|S controller not listed in bluetooth devices Ubuntu 22.04.3 · Issue #442 · atar-axis/xpadneo · GitHub

Apparently bluetooth mode is not great.

Bluetooth USB Dongle Feedback · Issue #398 · atar-axis/xpadneo · GitHub

I think you made it impossible to help you. What is your bluetooth dongle? You still didnt post any info around it. So your bluetooth device is active or not? Are you scanning with your bluetooth for devices? You didn’t post any details… Did you connect with your bluetooth dongle other devices in the past?

How do you think we can help you, if you hide all the required info’s? :crystal_ball:

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Ok, so I fixed it kinda. I tried connecting it with a bluetooth usb dongle and it worked right away, so it must be an incompatibility with my mobo. Not ideal, but it works.

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I wasn’t using a dongle, just the motherboard bluetooth. The motherboard is the gigabyte b650 aorus elite ax. I tried it with a random bluetooth usb dongle now and it’s working like normal. So I guess it’s a mobo support issue.

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