Xbox One controller

Hello there! I am not very experienced with linux, so bear with me please… I’ve been trying to get my xbox one controller to work on my pc via usb, but nothing has worked so far. When I plug it in, the controller vibrates, but it doesn’t turn on (the light on the controller doesn’t turn on). I understand that my controller should function natively using the xpad driver (my kernel is 5.10.32-1). Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @dinudunareanu, and welcome!

I promise you I’ll not be able to help. However, I want to point you to How to provide good information to make it easier for you AND the person trying to help you.

Why do people continue to install this? What happens when you remove the things you installed?

Hi dinudunareanu.
I had the same sort of issue this week-end.
My help come from this: ArchWiki