Xbox controller not working on geforce now

its an Power A Wired Xbox one controller, eventhough its detected and i checked it on gamepad-tester its showing, but its not working on geforce now
running geforce now on – chromium (latest version)
kernel – 6.3

please, if anyone can help.

got it working, here’s the solution if anyone facing the same problem,

step-1 – install (steam, game-devices-udev)
step-2 – on steam settings, general controller settings, select (xbox configuration support, guide button focuses steam, generic gamepad configuration support)
at this point you will see the controller in steam, but to make it work on browser and on website like geforce now,
step-3 – on steam, add a game, add a non-steam game, choose chromium, in its launch options add ( --no-zygote --no-sandbox )
now click on play and it will launch the browser via steam and you can use your controller on sites like geforce now !!

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