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I encounter the same Problem as @WJS in his Post
Xbox 360 controller xboxdrv issues and blinking lights ( can’t put links, sorry).

I didn’t change any drivers or dabbled in the services and i also don’t know where to look to find out what is going wrong. When I plug the Controller in the first Light shines and everything is fine but when in boot the PC all 4 Lights are blinking and its as if the Controller exist, Steam gives a Controller Popup but no inputs work and also Games won’t seem to notice any Controller( in some the Context Button changes from “press enter” to “press A” but not with the 4 blinking lights).

It seems its a Problem with the Boot or Wakeup, maybe a Problem in the Order of services start, if so where can I check for that?

This seems relevant: Gamepad - ArchWiki

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after following the described Steps in the Arch Wiki i could solve the Problem so if anyone comes here in the future and the Link is dead or something do this if you use xpad(the standard):

If you use the [TLP] power management tool, you may experience connection issues with your Microsoft wireless adapter (e.g. the indicator LED will go out after the adapter has been connected for a few seconds, and controller connection attempts fail, four LEDs keep blinking but controller works). This is due to TLP’s USB autosuspend functionality, and the solution is to add the Microsoft wireless adapter’s device ID to TLP blacklist (to check device ID to blacklist, run “tlp-stat -u”; for original MS wireless dongle just add USB_DENYLIST=“045e:0719” to “/etc/tlp.conf” ), check [TLP configuration] for more details.

For clarifacation:

  1. run “tlp-stat -u” to see the device ID

  2. go to /etc/tlp.conf and search for USB_DENYLIST and uncomment(remove #)

  3. use the device ID id from step 1 and fill it in as argument, should look like this USB_DENYLIST="045e:028e" (this is for a wired xbox 360 controller but i dont know if the ID may change for each)

  4. Re-plug the Controller and Restart

Thanks @maycne.sonahoz for pointing me in the right direction!

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