Xbox 360 controller's dpad not working

Hello, for the past months (I don’t know exactly when, maybe 4 months ago) my controller’s dpad has not been working on Manjaro. I’ve been dealing with this issue for the past months, but it has become too annoying.
I’m pretty sure an update broke a driver or something, because before it worked fine.
I’ve tried reinstalling Manjaro (the version I installed was Manjaro was 21.3.7), but it didn’t fix the issue.
I use a original wireless Xbox 360 controller with one of those after market usb adaptors. I know it’s not the controller or the adaptor because I tried them on other devices and they worked perfectly.
I use it only with Steam, btw.
Please help.

Can only report that a wired (original) Xbox360 controller’s dpad works fine; would have to dig up a (n also original) Xbox360 “for Windows” wireless dongle to try with a wireless controller but/am given the wired result pretty sure anyway that’d also work fine.

If you have earlier once installed the userspace xboxdrv driver I believe you may want to undo that; I’m using the normal kernel driver.