Xbox 360 controller xboxdrv issues and blinking lights

I hope this is the right place for this, I’m having problems with my controller. When I first plugged it in it worked OK with xboxdrv, but after rebooting it won’t work. If I stop the xboxdrv service it goes dark, if it’s running it just keeps blinking all four lights at me, and cat /dev/input/js0 doesn’t respond to any input.

The Xbox controller is supposed to work out of the box you don’t need to add extra driver that may be the cause of your issues actually.

The default xpad driver? That doesn’t work properly, that’s why I installed xboxdrv. And xboxdrv did work perfectly at first, I just need to know how to get it to work again after rebooting.

What happens if you use the defaults without extra xbox driver?

I use a 3rd party wireless xbox 360 controller without xboxdrv and it worked otb with rumble and everything. It has different modes and only one of them emulates xbox 360 controller the other modes emulate different types of controllers. Maybe if you have a similar controller you can try switching through modes and checking lsusb for what it gets detected as.

lsusb identifies it as ‘Microsoft Corp. Xbox360 Controller’, with xpad it’s identified as ‘Microsoft X-Box 360 pad’ to software (with screwed-up mapping) and with xboxdrv it’s identified as ‘Xbox Gamepad (userspace driver)’ (with the correct mapping). It doesn’t matter whether I use xboxdrv or xpad, after rebooting I get flashing lights until I unplug it and plug it back in again. The softwares all say they see it before then, but they get no response when I move the stick or press the buttons.