XAMPP server list empty


Since the last stable up date the servers list from XAMPP is empty, no more Apache, ProFTPD, mariadb…


Description=XAMPP service (XAMPP Apache + MariaDB + PHP + Perl)

XAMPP is an aur package, is it the reason of the problem ?

Sorry, I don’t know where to post this bug report on the forum.

I installed the run file from the xampp web site, it works again, nice.

Question, is now xampp manage by pacman / pamac ?
I mean, for the update…

Pacman doesn’t handle AUR, so you need to use an AUR helper such as yay, paru, trizen, or enable AUR in pamac.

No, if you did not install it through pacman / pamac.
… not in its database - it’s not even aware of the existence of what you installed without it “knowing” …

The package manager does not scan for what is there, for what you put somewhere.

It only knows and can manage software that you install through it.

@ydar @Nachlese thanks for your answers.

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i also have the same issue here… any solution? or i should download from the main site?


Install the xampp aur package and next install the xampp installer

on my side it works

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