X1 carbon gen 9 owners - any tips?

Hi All,
New user to Manjaro. I’ve dabbled with different distros years ago (ubuntu, linux mint) although never stuck with it. Recently acquired a Lenovo x1 carbon gen 9 and have installed Manjaro Pahvo KDE. So far so good, sound was not working originally and managed to fix it by installing sof-firmware. I haven’t noticed anything else not working as of yet.

Wondering if there are any other gen 9 owners that came across any issues that I may not have come across yet that I can get in front of?


There’s some weird throttling - bios 1.47 (or later) have fixes for linux.

Hey @raptors I am an X1 carbon gen 9 owner. I got problem with my mic, not the sound. The sound is working flawlessly but mic does not work. Currently working on that issue. I decided to download gnome edition instead. I hate the phrase “misery likes company”, but I am glad I was not the only one going through problems. But I am glad that @rabcor gave the link for The x1 carbon owners on the wiki. I had to turn my secure boot off for me to install Manjaro. How about you?

@pookito - FWIW, my x1-9’s mike works perfectly with pulseaudio - I don’t have pipewire running (though it is installed).

OOPS - I just checked and was surprised to discover that

7892 ? S<sl 0:00 _ /usr/bin/pipewire
7893 ? S<sl 0:00 _ /usr/bin/pipewire-media-session

are running, as is pulseaudio. So really I have no idea how the sound in working on this machine :slight_smile: but it is working perfectly

Except – the volume does not seem to ever get really load no matter if everything is at 100%. Don’t know what that is about either

Gen 9 owner here:

  • Installed pipewire with EasyEffects and downloaded some presets, all works fine
  • Fingerprint reader seems to be working pretty well
  • Installed power-profiles-daemon and thermald while removing TLP. The Lenovo Linux team has been making some solid firmware updates (available through fwupdmgr) that should handle most of the power management well on its own.
  • I did have some issues with the Manjaro KDE minimal package early on and ended up reinstalling with the full package later. Things have been working well since then.
  • Install the Intel media driver and use the Arch docs to make sure GPU video decoding is working for your browser

Some things that I haven’t figured out:

  • Hardware acceleration in Chromium works for video but often creates glitches/a green tint with images on some sites
  • Haven’t gotten touchpad gestures working like they did out of the box on older X1 Carbons.