X doesn't start automatically after software update

I just got this new laptop with fancy connectics and newer hardware (USB-C, Realtek 8821CE, Ryzen 4700U + Radeon APU) and decided to install Manjaro on it.
The installation goes alright. I installed (on different tries with the same result) Linux 5.8 and 5.9 from the GUI without issues, and everything was fine this far.

Now after booting for the first time and updating the software from Pamac (full upgrade), the startup is completely messed up. After the BIOS logo, I am left with a black screen. The weird part is that going to TTY2 and typing startx doesn’t bring any issue, and the desktop loads as it should.

This is getting on my nerves as I never encountered such issues before. I am not dual-booting.

Here are a few logs, please tell me if you need any more information from me.

  • inxi -Fazy -> pastebin (dot) com/2sX1etWX
  • journalctl -xe -> pastebin (dot) com/t845XYCj

Sorry for the above, I’m not allowed to have links in this ticket apparently.

Thanks for the support

there is to many errors ,

sept. 03 22:51:56 vivobook kernel: [drm:mod_hdcp_add_display_to_topology [amdgpu]] *ERROR* Failed to add display topology, DTM TA is not initialized.
sept. 03 22:56:15 vivobook kernel: traps: light-locker[1221] trap int3 ip:7f3379bcaa68 sp:7fff87a11c50 error:0 in libglib-2.0.so.0.6400.5[7f3379b8e000+85000]

i suggest you reinstall , add only kernel 5.7 - 5.8
and wait next stable update ,

do before a backup in case ( see timeshift )

That’s weird because I can get most things working out of the box, but updating breaks the system.

So, is the best thing to do just wait for kernel & driver developers to fix bugs?

Regaring the backups, it’s a new install so there is no data on my machine :slight_smile:

  • version kernel 5.8.6 from stable kernel was updated wednesday
  • in Unstable & Testing , Team manjaro will update before coming in Stable
  • there many fix coming with 5.8.6 , that always the process on every new version kernel appears

in your case you need this version , as your computer is very recent ( serie 4800 ryzen )
or wait for iso updated with 5.8.6 version ( possible in Testing )
XFCE , KDE and Gnome

I’ll be fair and tell the truth. I moved to Xubuntu waiting for it to get fixed. Upgraded to 5.8 and I got everything working in the first try.
I’ll probably get back to Manjaro later. Anyways thanks for your advice!

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