WWAN (LTE) driver doesn't load properly on kernal 5.7.14 [Fixed]

Hi, all
I’ve installed Manjaro Micah 20.1 on a Surface Go 2 (Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE modem). I managed to get the Mobile Broadband working using the instructions described here, but the drivers (cdc_mbim, cdc_ncm, cdc_wdm) have to be blacklisted at boot, then loaded later (or, that is how I solved it).

This isn’t so much a bug in Majaro as an issue with the driver configuration-do you know who I would contact about this?

That would be the kernel team, so before you do that, have you tried any other kernels yet?

mhwd-kernel --list
available kernels:
   * linux414
   * linux419
   * linux44
   * linux49
   * linux54
   * linux57
   * linux58
   * linux54-rt
   * linux56-rt