Wrong time on i3bar

After fresh install, time was correct but after editing i3status.conf, I noticed the time has changed to UTC, rather than local time. Read up on how on archwiki to setup the sync but got totally confused. I manually setup time using timedatectl set-time but would like to setup automatic sync…

not sure i understand, what exactly did you do, the commands you ran.
maybe post the section you edited in i3status.conf.

if all else fails you can copy the conf & start again.

i did a minimal+sway & it’s all just winging it.


The recommended method on Manjaro is as follows

  1. Ensure your symlink /etc/localtime link to the correct timezone.
  2. Instruct the system to sync the hardware clock in UTC.
  3. Then enable and start the systemd-timesyncd service.

thanks, systemd-timesyncd was not enabled…, now seem to be running :wink:

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