Wrong scaling for Electron apps at startup

After booting, font sizes in Electron apps are wrong (bigger than expected). It also affects Firefox Nightly.
I have to open a terminal once, then it’s fixed. I’m assuming something in my ~/.profile or ~/.Xresources is fixing it, but I’m not sure what it is and how to fix this issue so that I don’t have to do this (closing, opening a terminal and reopening Electron based apps) manually after every reboot. It also becomes big like that if I make any changes to the default font settings, so I think it has something to do with that.


export GREP_COLORS='ms=01;33'
[ -f ~/.Xresources ] && xrdb ~/.Xresources
[ $TERM != "screen" ] && tmux attach; and exec true

xterm*selectToClipboard: true
xterm*disallowedWindowOps: 20,21,SetXProp
*.font:	Liberation Mono:pixelsize=16:antialias=true:autohint=true;
*.alpha: 0.8
! st*geometry: 100x30

! colors

! special
*.foreground:   #ffffff
*.background:   #000000
*.cursorColor:  #ffffff

! black
*.color0:       #000000
*.color8:       #4d4d4d

! red
*.color1:       #cc0403
*.color9:       #aa2524

! green
*.color2:       #19cb00
*.color10:      #23fd00

! yellow
*.color3:       #cecb00
*.color11:      #fffd00

! blue
*.color4:       #001cd1
*.color12:      #0026ff

! magenta
*.color5:       #cb1ed1
*.color13:      #fd28ff

! cyan
*.color6:       #0dcdcd
*.color14:      #14ffff

! white
*.color7:       #e5e5e5
*.color15:      #ffffff

Fixed it by adding a login script that does source ~/.profile.

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