Wrong resolution on login screen


My problem is simple, but I can’t find solution((

I have two monitors, one is my laptop, 19201080
Second is external HDMI monitor, 2560
OS - Manjaro XFCE

I’m a bit new in Manjaro and Arch

My screen resolution is normal when I’m logged in, but when I wake up my system after screenlock(I use gnome-screensaver and lightdm-webkit2-greeter) or after reboot - resolution of the login screen is 1920*1080 on both monitors
So on 2K monitor image is in the top-left corner, another part of the screen is black

Is there any way to disable one of screens to display the login screen (as made in Ubuntu 20.04 by default, my login screen was only on 2K monitor)?
Or to setup correct different resolutions for both screens?

I would appreciate each of the solutions

Hello @Cubik :wink:

On XFCE there is a function called profiles at the Settings GUI. There you can configure the displays and save it then as profile. You need to set 2 profiles: One without a second screen and one with a second screen. It should detect the screen and set the configured screen resolution at the profile.

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Thank you a lot!!!

This works fine and now two screens are shown in correct resolution!
Also login page is on each of the screens.

I have one more problem that I now know how to fix, but it is appearing again. Will ask this question in another topic, thank you very much once more!!

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