Wrong/opposite sorting icon in possibly all applications

Possibly all apps like for example Thunar shows opposite sorting icon when i click some column.
XFCE 4.14
Qt 5.15.2
Here is example image + suggestion that the issue may be in DE or Qt.

Anyone else having same problem, or a suggestion on what to try?

Yes, mine is like that, but that seems the logical way to me. To put the largest at the top would be upside down, hence the upside down arrow. The arrow represents direction, not size.

The arrow shows the sort direction - it may not be your logic but common logic states if you sort content descending the arrow is up (since the most recent or the largest value is the topmost value) - ascending the arrow is down.

I know if you just look at the arrow - you will get confused - you have think of the content instead.

“The arrow represents direction, not size.”
i guess you mean the direction from lowest/smallest entry, i was always thinking about the icon in visual way which was more intuitive to me.

common sense to me is that 1 < 2
so when it is turned 90°, you expect to see opposite icon than what i am seeing.
I think on Windows it was like that and maybe even other desktop environments has this too, but not the OS/environment i have now.
How can i fix it so the arrows start displaying opposite?

Get the source code, change it there, compile it, make a package, install it…

Anyway, if the arrow is common sense, then you will smash your face to a wall, if you want change it everywhere. Be productive and make it yourself and share it :wink: