Wrong Memory Capacity

Hi Guys,

Need help, im newbie to use arch linux. My RAM laptop is 8G but it only showing only 5,78G. Is there any issue on this?

  • Manjaro 20.1.2 Nibia
  • x86_64
  • xfce 4.16.1
  • 5.9.16-1 Kernel

command : inxi -m
Memory: RAM: total: 5.78 GiB used: 3.24 GiB (56.1%)
Array-1: capacity: 32 GiB slots: 2 EC: None
Device-1: Bottom - Slot 1 (left) size: No Module Installed
Device-2: Bottom - Slot 2 (right) size: 8 GiB speed: spec: 2667 MT/s actual: 2400 MT/s

Thank you in advance

Looks right to me

I assume you have an iGPU and it is reserving RAM for that iGPU.

One of the reason why I only buy 16GB laptops, or ones I can upgrade to 16GB.

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Hi @revanhernandy, and welcome!

This to me sounds a lot like RAM Available is 5.8 GB out of 8 GB.

And since it’s a laptop, you must keep in mind that some of your RAM will only be available to integrated graphics, so this plays a role as well!

Hi @Mirdarthos ,

Thank you for it, i solved this with configure the UMA Setting on BIOS to set 512M and my memory useful

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