Wrong icon for "Application menu" in title bar

So the Breeze window decoration shows the hamburger menu correctly.

But all other window decoration shows the “more actions for this windows” icon for application menu as well

I’m not a fan of Breeze window decoration, but only for this icon problem I’m not switch to other options.
What can I do?

thank you.

(well, it’s not about the icon pack. cause, changing the icons still shows the same problem)

By the look of it, you have Window Decorations that did not got ported to Plasma 6. Only the “Edna” was, but maybe you did not update it yet from the Store …

  1. I updated to plasma 6 yesterday. but this problem was there from the start (around 2021).

  2. but Edna isn’t showing the correct icon either.

  3. what do you mean by updating from store? how to do it?

Some themes simply fail to work properly, reason why Breeze and Breath (on Manjaro) are recommended to be used.

From the Store you can install Themes, Icons, Window Decoration packs, Widgets etc

But you should always be careful with those! See Usage of Plasma 6's Global Themes May Pose Serious Risks

You might have to delete the content of ~/.cache and restart your session after applying new themes …

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I have just installed a Plasma 6 theme through the store, and it’s from the same theme developer as the Edna theme, i.e. @jomada, but in the previews of the window decorations, that button is also still the same one as the button for the window operations menu, and there is also no support for the shade button.

The theme I have installed is called Carl and was last updated on 2024.05.04, so that’s only 2 weeks ago. :point_down:


I dont have a lot of decorations … but … they all have the ~lines~

Plastik and Breeze are official KDE defaults — with Plastik going back to KDE 3.0, even — so the only third-party theme you have is Klassy, which is obviously based upon Breeze. :man_shrugging:

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I tried new decorations from the store > apply the new one (and tried with the old ones too) > cleared .cache folder > restarted session.
but the problem is still there.

yes, I have plastik too, that also displays the icon correctly.

so, I guess the default decoration is the trade-off for having the application menu icon?

Yes, the default Breeze, Plastik, or a Breeze-derivative like Klassy, as per @cscs’ screenshot above.

You can install Klassy window decoration instead…

But first, after moving to Plasma 6, delete the entire contents of your folder - but where are they? I forgot.

So I installed one from the KDE store (using OCS-URL) and opened that folder…

Ok, so delete ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes/

Then install klassy :wink: and look for decorations which have an ability to follow your colour scheme, rather than imposing their own.

Oh, and don’t forget the settings (go in and remove the outline stuff)

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thank you for your reply, I’m glad that I could delete all the unnecessary decorations. :blush:
Thanks for suggesting klassy too, it was nice :hugs: . Though it didn’t solve the actual problem.

Update: so I went through every possible options and after hours of trying out and color picking I finally made something similar to what I desired + some extra customization.
Thank you very much!

Though Exact solution would’ve been something that would fix the menu icon thing in every decorations, but ig this is the closest solution for now.

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Holy crap, that not even wipes only the Root and Home but also all included all mounted drives? WTF is KDE doing here, to allow such commands for “installing” Global Theme?

Thank you for that link, good that i have a Laptop with only a single M.2 connected, to try KDE Store out in the future.

Does anyone know, if this security risk only related to “Global” Theme and its not included in the smaller layouts?

No, the article was misrepresenting things. Installing anything from store.kde.org through the knewstuff framework will only write to your home directory and does not have write access to anything else, because it’s running under your own UID.

It’s in everything you install by way of the “Get new…” buttons. But the issue was a faulty script by the theme packager, and the theme has been taken offline.

You run a greater risk installing anything from the AUR without checking the PKGBUILD, because those are system-wide installations and the AUR helper will always ask you for the password to elevate privileges, so that it can install the package as root.

My understanding is that it has little to do with the mechanism of adding the resources from store.kde.org, but rather that things in the global theme included some poorly written code that could (and did) result in deletion. Because theres scripting things in there.

Dont think it included root though.

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The reddit user that reported the issue, was telling everyone that all drives mounted on his PC was deleted. :man_shrugging:

What i also don’t understand, why by the assumed “mistake” was rm -rf implemented in the installation process, instead executed in the uninstall script?

This sounds to me, more like a malicious behavior as a mistake.

Thanks for the heads up… lucky i don’t use much AUR Packages.

Either he was lying, or he was using Discover, which installs things system-wide and uses the insecure packagekit. There’s a reason why Manjaro does not install Discover by default. :wink:

Probably so as to clean up the remnants of the downloaded and extracted tarball after installing the theme.

Steam has made that very same mistake as well a few years ago, but nobody thought of it as intentionally malicious back then. :grinning:


If they were user-mounted then that doesnt need any extra explanation.

It was some funky code that got parsed in such a way that it used an unfilled variable that then became something like ./.

(please dont make me go looking for the exact example)

Its part of what the Devs have been trying to communicate about since this issue - that things like the Global Themes can/do contain scripts that can run code. They arent just images being linked by some kde process.

For example here is a layout javascrip file from klassy;


const kwinConfig = ConfigFile('kwinrc');
kwinConfig.group = 'Effect-windowview';
kwinConfig.writeEntry('BorderActivateAll', '5'); //present windows all desktops bottom-left



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