Wrong application window height and/or wrong vertical resolution when maximized

Hi together,

I’m currently running Manjaro Gnome (3.38) with kernel 5.9 and Nvidia- drivers 455.45 for my NVIDIA GTX780. I only do have 1 display connected via DP - an Alienware 3420DW running at its native 3440x1440 resolution.

My issue is, that all application windows seem to use a wrong window height - this means that e.g. within Libreoffice / Firefox or Thunderbird the bottom- menu bar of the application is not visible in maximized windows.

One thing I noticed is that the mouse pointer however seems not to be affected - I can barely see its tip when on the bottom end of my workspace/ windows.

After doing some research I found the following Arch- forum thread where a user is having exactly the same problem (I can’t post links yet - the archlinux forum topic id is 260094).

Unfortunately no solution was found for him - he gave up and switchted to KDE what fixed the problem. Note that before switching to Manjaro 2 weeks ago I was using Debian stable with Gnome and did not have any issues.

I already tried all suggested work- arounds w.r.t panning out of the Arch- Forum- Link but nothing worked for me. Since the mouse pointer seems to be visible I do not think that a wrong panning option is causing this (kind of confirmed by the arch- user that has no issues after switching to KDE - his XRANDR output “panning 3440x1567+0+0” however did not change between Gnome and KDE ).

Any help is appreciated!

Do you get correct window height if you tile the windows?

Tiling by using e.g. gTile? I would have to try

Edit: I installed gTile and tiled the window in various ways - this did not solve the problem - e.g. in Thunderbird the bottom menu with mail - attachments is still not visible.

So, the issue is not that the windows are misplaced, but that the virtual desktop is somehow lower than the actual physical screen?

Kind of - to me it seems as if the application windows do not consider the additional height of the gnome title bar when maximized - in order to reach to the bottom of e.g. a writer- document i need to “restore down” the application- window and resize it manually (reducing height) so that I afterwards can pull the window “up” a bit on the screen.

Small update from my side:

Today I had to reinstall my Manjaro-/ Windows systems and this time I choose to to install the free drivers instead of Nvidia non- free - this has solved the wrong window- height / scaling issue. Also the XRANDR panning- output is gone - so it seems this issue is related to the non- free Nvidia drivers…